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The regulatory environment for antitrust and trade regulation matters is exceptionally complex. Corporate activity is governed by both civil and criminal statutes, and antitrust matters are overseen by several different authorities with overlapping but not identical jurisdictions. Adding to the compliance challenge, identifying the fine line between competitive and anti-competitive behavior is often a matter of judgment and case-by-case analysis. PraeLegal Afghanistan Network’s experienced antitrust professionals help clients make wise business decisions in this complex and intensely scrutinized arena.

We advise public and private companies on all of their antitrust and trade regulation matters, from establishing a compliance program to executing a major merger. We counsel clients about how to maximize the benefit of a strong market position without veering toward monopolization; establish competitive but non-predatory pricing; respond to market developments while maintaining independence; structure a merger, acquisition, or joint venture to efficiently pass antitrust review; and achieve compliance with antitrust and trade regulatory requirements.

Consulted early when antitrust issues or conflicts arise, PraeLegal Afghanistan professionals are often able to quickly identify comprehensive solutions that protect our clients and avert broader controversy.

Antitrust counsel at PraeLegal Afghanistan Network knows that every decision about a company’s competitive posture will have a direct impact on the bottom line. We take very seriously our role in seeking to protect clients’ fundamental financial health and identifying antitrust solutions that do not hinder growth. We do this by working with clients to establish quality compliance regimes, and we also assist clients with their strategic growth planning. For example, we evaluate whether regulators are likely to demand divestitures or sell-offs prior to approving a proposed merger, which may negatively affect the ultimate profitability of a deal. Clients contemplating significant business decisions seek our legal advice with respect to antitrust and trade regulation issues.

There is no such thing as a generic antitrust matter. Each question must be specifically analyzed and considered in its proper context. And, unlike in other legal disciplines, antitrust practitioners must understand economics as well as the law. PraeLegal Afghanistan Network’s antitrust group have advanced training in micro and macroeconomics, econometrics, accounting, and economic policy. They use this legal training to achieve a deep understanding of every client’s business model and to devise tailored solutions that serve clients’ specific business imperatives.


  • Assess antitrust implications of actual or contemplated mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, and licensing arrangements
  • Seek regulatory clearance for mergers, acquisitions, and other proposed actions
  • Counsel clients on avoiding improper information sharing
  • Provide guidance on competitive pricing and non-monopolizing market positioning
  • Create corporate antitrust compliance programs
  • Provide assistance to trade associations, which are uniquely susceptible to antitrust claims
  • Advise clients in complying with federal and state consumer protection and privacy laws