Who We Are

PraeLegal Afghanistan law firm is part of the PraeLegal International network, which is an international network consisting of 252 independent law firms in 142 countries that have successful legal skills, local market knowledge and industry expertise, having strong ties with the business community and are able to provide cross-border cooperation.

Our Core Values

Diverse Services

PraeLegal Afghanistan is linked with a network of full-service law firms that are able to help clients successfully by navigating through the local legal and business terrain.

Guiding Principles

PraeLegal Afghanistan provides professional development support to help its lawyers grow professionally and improve their capability to deliver high-level client service.


PraeLegal Afghanistan’s central purpose is to assist clients to make better business decisions and transactions.

Industry Knowledge

Paralegal Afghanistan consists of professional lawyers with reliable legal skills, knowledge of domestic market and industry expertise capable of ensuring transnational cooperation.

Why Should You Choose Us?

The characteristic of PraeLegal Afghanistan is the service quality of its member law firms. Each PraeLegal Afghanistan member law firms abides by a general philosophy of providing excellent service, as well as to the PraeLegal Afghanistan Quality Standards.

PraeLegal Afghanistan is an entry point for you to be experienced locally and globally by knowledgeable business lawyers who can make you succeed with commercial and financial know-how and expertise.

Global Scope

PraeLegal Afghanistan is a global law and consulting firm with its vast network which is spanning 130 countries. PraeLegal Afghanistan is a business network with a friendly environment so connected that the network is a combination of its partners’ expertise and collective know-how. This network is established for commercial companies, local and multinational firms and all people who needs legal assistance.

Cross Border Solutions

PraeLegal Afghanistan can rely on its worldwide network to help serve clients’ needs practically anywhere around the world.

Client Involvement

PraeLegal Afghanistan Network’s central purpose is to assist clients to make better business decisions and transactions. Delivering excellent client service requires a deep understanding of clients’ needs.