What Makes Our Network Different?

A Reliable Network

PraeLegal Afghanistan intends to be globally recognized as the world’s most successful and trusted Global Legal Network.

This recognition is founded on the outstanding quality of its law firms.

All member law firms are visited and appraised in person by PraeLegal Afghanistan based on a list of stringent criteria. Upon stringent selection as one of the knowledgeable, client-focused, and respectable law firms in their jurisdictions, PraeLegal Afghanistan then accepts the law firm as a new member of its network.

PraeLegal Afghanistan benefits from new business opportunities coming from all over the world. By serving our clients in their legal needs all around the world we provide multinational legal service.  PraeLegal Afghanistan will be able to provide its clients, worldwide legal solutions by using its network of competent and expert lawyers.

PraeLegal Afghanistan Quality Standards

The characteristic of PraeLegal Afghanistan is the service quality of its member law firms. Each PraeLegal Afghanistan member law firm abides by a general philosophy of providing excellent service, as well as to the PraeLegal Afghanistan Quality Standards. Through the Quality Standards, as well as Prae Legal´s member recruiting and review policy, both clients and referring law firms can have confidence in the service quality of our member law firms.

PraeLegal Afghanistan law firms and lawyers are knowledgeable in their fields and commit to providing efficient, reliable, fast responses in line with their client’s business and legal needs. Diligence in legal work, integrity, timely and up-to-date advice are the features of our quality legal service.

Local Market Knowledge

PraeLegal Afghanistan Network has full-service law firms. Locally entrenched, PraeLegal Afghanistan law firms have strong ties with their governments and business communities and are able to help clients succeed by navigating through the local legal and business terrain.

PraeLegal Afghanistan Network has assembled hard-working lawyers with a broad range of experience. These lawyers have the utmost responsibility to their clients and are successful in their dealings with them. They have both local and international clients and offer native as well as English language services.

Although fully versed in the local jurisdiction, PraeLegal Afghanistan law firms are also internationally oriented, representing their clients´ interests around the world.

Supporting Professional Development

Ongoing improvements in the practices of a firm and its lawyers are critical to providing clients with service excellence and helping firms meet their challenges. Professional development support for our professionals is the cornerstone of PraeLegal Afghanistan Network. Through PraeLegal Afghanistan Network, member law firms will be able to take advantage of many professional development opportunities, including training programs provided through the PraeLegal Afghanistan Network that support the advancement of lawyers’ cross-border practices and management and leadership abilities; the cutting-edge online training programs of the PraeLegal Afghanistan Learning Network, and the practice development opportunities provided through meetings and interactions among its independent law firms. These opportunities for training and exchanges of legal know-how, experiences, and best practices with lawyers from around the globe are significant resources that enhance and enrich the practices and careers of PraeLegal Afghanistan professionals.

PraeLegal Afghanistan Network will also undertake significant best practices initiatives to bolster the practices of firms such as in the area of project management. Moreover, PraeLegal Afghanistan will also provide targeted regional professional development support to help its law firm lawyers grow professionally and improve their capability to deliver high-level client service.

Moreover, PraeLegal Afghanistan also provides targeted regional professional development support to help its law firm lawyers grow professionally and improve their capability to deliver high-level client service.

Client Involvement

PraeLegal Afghanistan Network’s central purpose is to assist clients to make better business decisions and transactions. Delivering excellent client service requires a deep understanding of clients’ needs.

Accordingly, PraeLegal Afghanistan intends to provide many forums and seminars to update its professionals´ market knowledge and focuses on raising the bar for excellence to develop best practices for working with clients.

Cross Border Solutions

PraeLegal Afghanistan can rely on its worldwide network to help serve clients’ needs practically anywhere around the world.

PraeLegal Afghanistan Head Office and member law firms frequently work together to provide seamless cross-border solutions for the clients. The successful legal solutions achieved for clients exemplify ways that PraeLegal Afghanistan Head Office and member law firms have worked together to bring effective resolutions to client issues.

Global Scope

PraeLegal Afghanistan is a global law and consulting firm with a vast network which is spanning 130 countries. PraeLegal Afghanistan is a business network with a friendly environment so connected that the network is a combination of its partners’ expertise and collective know-how. This network is established for commercial companies, local and multinational firms, and all people who need legal assistance.

PraeLegal Afghanistan reaches every corner and nation of the world with its number of law firms. Each nation and country has different characteristics, lifestyles, and legal frameworks.PraeLegal Afghanistan knows all these differences between countries and that’s where it differs from others. We include all this diverse legal know-how in our network to enrich our legal expertise and understanding. Our key differences from similar networks are our solid relationships with our colleagues, visits to member firms in person, diligence in our legal work, and our result-oriented culture. Also, all member law firms’ partners recognize each other by joining our general meetings.

PraeLegal Afghanistan intends to provide clients with access to different global legal resources through its vast network of 130 well-established law firms with offices in trade centers.

By working with PraeLegal, you can quickly connect to in-depth local market knowledge and legal expertise practically anywhere your legal needs arise.